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Zeta Drop Down Bend Aluminum Handguards for 7/8" Handlebars Titanium Color

Zeta Drop Down Bend Aluminum Handguards for 7/8" Handlebars Titanium Color

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A hand guard made of high-rigidity aluminum alloy that prevents levers and other parts from being damaged due to falls. The most basic and long-selling model in the Armor Handguard series. Adopts a highly versatile swing-type handle mount. Compatible with handle inner diameter 13.5mm to 19mm. The curved shape (bend) avoids the hand guard end, which is easy to touch, so it does not interfere with body movement during sports riding. A hand protector for Armor Handguard (sold separately) can be attached. A wide variety of options are available to suit your needs, such as protecting against mud and tree branches, as well as protecting against rain and wind. For common handle diameters, 22.2mm in diameter.

The ZETA RACING brand is a Japan Planning product planned and designed by Dirt Freak Co., Ltd. *When you peel off the sticker, there are bolt holes for attaching the hand protector. Note (Disclaimer) > Please read carefully *The published photos may differ from the actual product due to changes in manufacturer specifications, etc. Please note.

Manufacturer: Dirtfreak
Model name: ZE72-0003
Product size: 24.64 x 37.08 x 6.6 cm; 0.28 g
Product model number: ‎ZE72-0003
Discontinued by the manufacturer: ‎No
Original product number: ‎023933
Product dimensions: Depth x Width x Height: ‎24.6 x 37.1 x 6.6 cm
Color: ‎Titanium color
Certification: ‎Initial defects only
Product weight: ‎0.28 g
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