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ZERO GRAVITY Screen Sports Touring Dark Smoke NINJA250R 08-12 2328119

ZERO GRAVITY Screen Sports Touring Dark Smoke NINJA250R 08-12 2328119

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Condition: New

Compatible models: NINJA250R 08-12

●We have a lineup of windscreens with excellent optical properties. The screen is made using the same blow-molding method used in fighter jet cockpits, and is able to ensure a clear, undistorted field of view, while also boasting excellent strength, flexibility, and the best finish and comfort. ●SR type: Replacement screen with a normal screen shape as a motif. Double bubble type: Double bubble shape provides high windproofing effect when laid down. A stepped screen for sports and touring with excellent rectification performance. Sports touring type: Increased screen area compared to normal to reduce burden caused by driving wind. This is the most windproof screen for touring among Zero Gravity products. Corsa type: Large design that covers the entire body when lying down. This model has a high rectification effect while maintaining a super sports look, and is suitable for a wide range of purposes from circuits to touring. ●3 colors are available: clear, smoke, and dark smoke. Precautions for use ●Please pay attention to product compatibility and specifications.

Manufacturer: ‎Zero Gravity
Brand: ‎Zero Gravity
Package size: ‎60 x 47 x 15 cm; 390 g
Product Model number: 2328119
Exterior condition: Smoke
Color: Dark smoke
Item weight: 390 g
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