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YMT Roomy Tank 900 Series Rubber Floor Mat Luggage Mat Step Mat TANK-R-3P-STP-LUG

YMT Roomy Tank 900 Series Rubber Floor Mat Luggage Mat Step Mat TANK-R-3P-STP-LUG

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Condition: New

Compatibility: Model year: November 2016 (November 2016) - Compatibility: Model: M900A M910A Parts: Floor + Bed + Step

Product composition: Exclusive rubber floor mats: 3 pieces Exclusive rubber step mats: 2 pieces Exclusive rubber luggage mat: 1 piece Highly adhesive Velcro for pasting on the vehicle side: 6 pieces ■Made of rubber designed specifically for the Roomy tank Floor mat + rubber luggage mat + rubber step mat. ■The surface is textured with a radial pattern for high grip. ■As it is a water-resistant synthetic rubber, it is effective against water and mud stains. ■ Back side: Weight: 800g/square meter Thickness: By using high-density felt of approximately 5mm, it has excellent cushioning properties and sound absorption properties that reduce road noise. ■ The felt on the back is specially treated with acrylic resin to prevent it from slipping when worn. ●Points - This is a great value product that comes with a rubber floor mat specially designed for the Roomy Tank, a rubber luggage mat + a rubber step mat. - A resin mat stopper designed exclusively for the Roomy Tank is attached to the driver's seat mat. The rubber mat surface can be washed or wiped with water if it gets dirty, but do not splash water on the felt part on the back. please. (If the felt part gets completely wet, it will take a long time to dry.)

Manufacturer: ‎Y.M.T. (Y・Mt)
Brand: ‎Y.M.T. (Y・Mt)
Model name: ‎TANK-R-3P-STP-LUG
Package size: ‎84.99 x 59.99 x 5 cm; 3.5 kg
Product model number: ‎TANK-R-3P-STP-LUG
br>Color: ‎Black
Product weight: ‎3.5 Kilograms
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