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YAMAYO Ribbon Rod Both Sides 100 E-2 10m R10B10

YAMAYO Ribbon Rod Both Sides 100 E-2 10m R10B10

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Condition: New

Size: Tape width/100mm, Thickness/0.65mm, Length/10m Weight: 1140g Standard tension/temperature: 50N/20℃ Specifications: Front/vertical numbers (red/white every 20cm), back/horizontal numbers (every 1m) red/white) Usage: bifocals

Tape measure for photographing on-site records. For recording and proving construction, disasters, accidents, sports, etc. The tip fitting also has scales on both sides to clearly indicate the base position. Equipped as standard with a 180 degree rotating bracket that is convenient for fixing the tip. It is extremely resistant to tension due to its unique manufacturing method in which glass fiber threads are pulled together one by one, and the transparent cap is welded and riveted between the metal tip and the tape, making it even stronger. Strong wear resistance due to the use of special ink.

Brand: ‎Yamayo Sokuteiki
Product model number: ‎R10B10
Package size: ‎20.6 x 12.5 x 10.3 cm; 1.17 kg
Accessories: ‎ there is no.
Battery included: ‎No
About warranty: ‎Made in Japan.
Product weight: ‎1.17 Kilograms
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