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YAMAYO Ribbon Rod 120E1 10m with case R12A10S

YAMAYO Ribbon Rod 120E1 10m with case R12A10S

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Condition: New

Size: Case/Height 228 x Width 116 x Thickness 173mm, Tape/Width 120mm, Thickness 0.65mm, Length 10m

Tape measure ribbon rod for on-site recording photography in a special case. The case is a high-quality case that stands out with excellent stability. Excellent storage capacity and smooth tape winding. The tape connection part has a convenient detachable function. It does not come off when in use, and can be removed with just one touch.

Brand: ‎Yamayo Sokuteiki
Product model number: ‎R12A10S
Package size: ‎30 x 20 x 20 cm; 3.5 kg
Battery included: ‎ No
Product weight: ‎3.5 Kilograms
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