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YAMAHA Exterior Set White/Red WR250R/WR250X Q5K-YSK-057-S02

YAMAHA Exterior Set White/Red WR250R/WR250X Q5K-YSK-057-S02

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Condition: New

Compatible models: WR250R/WR250X Set contents: Front fender, light cowl, shroud, side cover, rear fender

Special graphics made by Sumitomo 3M have been pasted on the standard exterior resin (white). The photo is an image of the item being installed. The vehicle is equipped with accessories sold separately. Precautions for use: Repair parts are not sold separately. Note (Disclaimer) > Please read carefully *The published photos may differ from the actual product due to changes in manufacturer specifications, etc. Please note. Read more

Manufacturer: ‎Yamaha Motors
Brand: ‎Yamaha Motors
Model name: ‎Q5K-YSK-057-S02
Packing size: 66 x 47 x 30.5 cm; 3.25 kg
Product model number: Q5K-YSK-057-S02
Position: Front
Color: White, Red, Black
Product Weight : ‎3.25 Kilograms
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