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Yamaha Aluminum Under Guard WR250R/WR250X Q5K-YSK-057-E02

Yamaha Aluminum Under Guard WR250R/WR250X Q5K-YSK-057-E02

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Condition: New

Compatible models: WR250R/WR250X Materials: Material: Aluminum

Compatible models: WR250R (3D71/3D73/3D75/3D77/3D79/3D7B/3D7C) Compatible models: WR250X (3D72/3D74/3D76/3D78/3D7A/3D7D) - Securely protects the engine and frame - Wide coverage area The under guard provides peace of mind when driving off-road. - Aluminum under guard suitable for hard off-road driving.・Image of WR250R installed *Accessories sold separately are installed on the vehicle. Precautions for use - Please remove when changing oil.・Engine noise may be audible due to reverberation. Note (Disclaimer) > Please read carefully *The published photos may differ from the actual product due to changes in manufacturer specifications, etc. Please note. Read more

Manufacturer: ‎Yamaha Motors
Brand: ‎Yamaha Motors
Model name: ‎Q5K-YSK-057-E02
Packing size: ‎45.4 x 32 x 12 cm; 839.15 g
Product model number: ‎Q5K-YSK-057-E02
Discontinued by the manufacturer: ‎No
Product weight: ‎ 839g
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