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YAMAHA Shield YJ-16/YJ-14 Clear Screen 90791-43000

YAMAHA Shield YJ-16/YJ-14 Clear Screen 90791-43000

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Condition: New

Precautions for use *Caution when driving in tunnels and at night When driving in tunnels or at night with a shield that has been treated with smoke or mirror processing, it can be dangerous as it may reduce your eyesight, so either drive with the shield up or use an STD shield. please Exchange. •Do not wipe with a dry cloth. To clean the shield, wash it lightly with water, wipe it with a soft cloth, and let it air dry. If you rub it too hard, it will get scratched. •Do not use anything other than diluted neutral detergents or specialized cleaners. Never use acidic or alkaline detergents or organic solvents*. This may cause cracking of the shield and peeling of the vapor-deposited plating film. *Gasoline, thinner, brake oil, etc. and commercially available water repellents, anti-fog, brake cleaners, etc.

Manufacturer: Yamaha Motors
Brand: Yamaha Motors Yamaha)
Model name: 90791-43000
Package size: 33.3 x 30.6 x 15 cm; 186 g
Product model number: 90791-43000
Exterior condition: Clear type
Position: ‎Front
Color: ‎transparent
Product weight: ‎186 g
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