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YAMAHA Lowdown Seat Tricity 300/XMAX Q5K-YSK-111-G04

YAMAHA Lowdown Seat Tricity 300/XMAX Q5K-YSK-111-G04

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Low-down seat that improves footing when riding

Low-down seat that improves the foothold when riding - Compared to the standard vehicle, the foothold when riding is approximately 40 mm lower. •A newly designed bottom plate that eliminates helmet storage under the main rider lowers the seat height while ensuring cushion thickness, ensuring ride comfort and improving footing. •By tilting the seat surface slightly forward, it improves the footing when seated towards the front, while ensuring ride comfort equivalent to that of a standard vehicle when seated towards the back. •The seat skin on the rider side is made of fine fabric with a moderate slippery feel that makes it easy to change the riding position when your feet are on the ground. •The tandem side is designed with a focus on functionality, such as using coarse fabric that provides a good grip. •It is possible to replace and install the YAMAHA emblem on the standard (genuine) seat. [Compatible vehicles] XMAX ('18 model -) / Tricity 300 ('20 model -) [Note] Seat cover (Q5K-YSK-111-G03) and cool mesh seat cover (Q5K-YSK-111- sold separately) G02) cannot be installed. *Please check the manufacturer's website for vehicle compatibility information.

Manufacturer: ‎Yamaha Motors (Yamaha)
Brand: ‎Yamaha Motors (Yamaha)
Model name: ‎Lowdown seat
Package size: ‎107 x 47 x 26 cm; 5.4 kg
Product model number: ‎Q5K-YSK-111-G04
Certification: ‎,
Product weight: ‎5.4 Kilograms
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