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YAMAHA PRUNUS Slip-on Muffler Sero/Tricker Q5K-SKR-Y01-053

YAMAHA PRUNUS Slip-on Muffler Sero/Tricker Q5K-SKR-Y01-053

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Achieved significant weight reduction while using stainless steel material. A slip-on muffler that provides crisp sound quality and a different driving experience. The retro design is based on the early model SEROW, and has been painted in semi-gloss black to create a calming image.・Compliant with 2016 exhaust gas regulations. - Adopts a multi-stage expansion chamber structure, achieving high noise reduction performance and improved performance across the entire range from extremely low speeds to high speeds. - Integrated silencer with semi-gloss black paint and billet aluminum cap on the tail end. [Weight]: Approximately 2.2 kg (1.7 kg compared to STD) [Proximity noise]: 85 dB (A) [Applicable vehicle models] - SEROW (XT250): 2018 and later models (2BK-DG31J) / 2008 to 2017 models ( JBK-DG17J)・TRICKER(XG250): 2018 and later models (2BK-DG32J)/2008~2017 models (JBK-DG16J)・XT250X: 2008~2017 models (JBK-DG17J) Precautions for use *Compatible with vehicle models Please check the manufacturer's website for information. *The image is for illustrative purposes only and may differ in color and design from the actual product.

Manufacturer: ‎Yamaha Motors (Yamaha)
Brand: ‎Yamaha Motors (Yamaha)
Model name: ‎Q5K-SKR-Y01-053
Package size: ‎76.7 x 25.4 x 19 cm; 3.81 kg
Product model number: ‎Q5K-SKR-Y01-053
Product weight: ‎3.81 Kilograms
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