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X.A.M Japan A5102X39 525-39T Sprocket A5102X39

X.A.M Japan A5102X39 525-39T Sprocket A5102X39

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Condition: New

Compatible models: CBR400RR(90-

Reinforce with toughness and lubricity ● THAMT treatment (Teflon/Hard anodized/Molubdenum treatment process) Extra super duralumin A7075-T6 + Hard alumite + Molybdenum disulfide (penetration treatment) + Teflon (surface) hard If the hard skin of alumite is used alone, it will cause burn-in if used in areas where contact surfaces are subject to high pressure, small vibrations, or friction. By giving this hard alumite a self-lubricating function, we succeeded in improving the wear resistance of the sprocket. Caution (Disclaimer) > Please read *This is a reference example regarding compatible car models. Please check once before placing your order. We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer circumstances.

Manufacturer: ‎X.A.M Japan
Brand: ‎X.A.M Japan
Product size: ‎29.11 x 26.49 x 1.3 cm; 360 g
Product Model number: ‎A5102X39
Discontinued by the manufacturer: ‎No
Product dimensions: Depth x Width x Height: 29.1 x 26.5 x 1.3 cm
Product weight: 360 g
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