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World Walk Multi Gadget Mount Handle Brace for 1 Inch Black mgh-1b

World Walk Multi Gadget Mount Handle Brace for 1 Inch Black mgh-1b

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Condition: New

Compatible models: General-purpose vehicles with 1 inch φ handle Working time: 0.5h

Handle brace that can be attached to the handlebar of a 1 inch φ vehicle such as a Harley [World Walk Multi-gadget mount handle brace for 1 inch black mgh-1b] A handle brace that can be attached to a 1 inch φ handlebar. An excellent item that allows you to mount multiple 22.2φ gadgets on the handle brace that suppresses vibration and increases the rigidity of the handle. ■Features■ 1. Can be installed on various car models! Comes with a length adjustment function The length can be adjusted from 270mm to 380mm, so it is compatible with a wide range of applications from ape bars to drag bars. 2. Corrosion-resistant aluminum material and stainless steel bolts: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum material is used, and the material is finished with alumite treatment to provide excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance. In addition, stainless steel bolts with excellent corrosion and heat resistance are used. 3. Can mount multiple gadgets The width that can mount gadgets is 175mm. Can mount multiple gadgets such as cell phones, drink holders, and navigation systems. 4. The handle clamp part can be adjusted 180 degrees The part that clamps to the handle can be adjusted 180 degrees, so you can finely adjust the position when installing. 5. No-rotation for peace of mind even in the event of an emergency Once the handle clamp part is fixed, the shaft part will not rotate or move, but in the unlikely event that it becomes loose, the structure is designed to tighten the set screw to prevent rotation. , can prevent gadgets from falling. *Price and design may change without notice.

Manufacturer: World-Walk
Brand: World-walk
Model name: mgh
Package size: 38.29 x 15.5 290 g g
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