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World Walk MT-07 dedicated smartphone mount long screen clear ws-22c

World Walk MT-07 dedicated smartphone mount long screen clear ws-22c

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Condition: New

Compatible models: Yamaha MT-07 Materials: Screen: Acrylic resin/Stay: Steel

A long screen designed exclusively for the MT-07 released in August 2014. The third installment of the "World Walk Assist THE Rider" series, a long screen that assists riders and is compatible with smartphones and navigation systems. [World Walk MT-07 smartphone mount long screen clear ws-22c] *From March 2018 By changing the specifications of the stay, it is now possible to install a genuine Yamaha middle screen. ■Characteristics■・While having the basic function of reducing the load on the rider through a reliable windshield effect, the screen design satisfies the desire for ownership by being consistent with the vehicle body.・The special stay is designed to be strong and lightweight, which suppresses screen vibration and does not put stress on the rider or screen. In addition, the stay body is lightweight and does not affect the steering angle. - Emphasis on functionality and expandability. Electronic devices such as smartphones (navigators) and GOPRO can be mounted on the meter. By consolidating the instruments and information terminals in one place, we have minimized eye movement, allowing you to concentrate more on riding. This product has improved functionality by adding the element of ``scalability'' to the basic performance required for long screens. Please experience this comfort. ■Feature■▼Specially designed screen and stay supports comfortable riding▼Screen size is 460 x 320mm. It has a larger design compared to the middle screen sold by Wise Gear and the MT-07 exclusive products made by third parties. Although it is not possible to say the windshield effect by size alone, the three-dimensional curved surface created through actual driving tests with various speed ranges and screen shapes exhibits an excellent rectifying effect, and you can see the effect immediately after riding. You can experience it. In addition, by using highly transparent acrylic with a thickness of 3 mm, it also ensures good visibility with little distortion. The special stay used for installation uses a frame structure using hollow tubes and solid wood. It is well-balanced in terms of weight and strength, and is resistant to vibration and torsion while driving, making it possible to enjoy comfortable cruising not only in town but also on long highway tours. Finally, by applying semi-gloss black paint, the aim is to give a rugged yet chic impression, and the body color can be selected. By the way, this is a purely domestic product made by a metalworking craftsman with 37 years of experience in a factory located in Sumida Ward, Tokyo. ▼Various electronic devices can be attached to the space above the meter▼In addition to the basic function of a long screen that produces an excellent rectification effect, this product also has the feature of allowing electronic devices such as smartphones to be attached to the dedicated stay. This is because the MT-07's meter is in a unique position, in front of the key cylinder and directly above the handlebar clamp, which can make it difficult to attach accessories. The linear part of this product's frame is approximately 130mm, so there is enough space to accommodate various electronic devices such as smartphones, navigation systems, and wearable cameras. Depending on how you think about it, you will be able to use it in a wide variety of ways, such as attaching multiple electronic devices at the same time or greatly improving the flexibility of cable layout when powering a smartphone from a USB charger. We have also prepared an optional part that allows you to convert the diameter of the pipe of this product's special stay to φ13 so that it can be used with most smartphone holders on the market (compatible with φ22-29). ■Optional parts■ World Walk φ28 mount adapter for smartphone holder [φ28-adapter] [WS-22C]'s dedicated stay pipe thickness φ13 can be used with most smartphone holders on the market (φ22-29 compatible products) This is an adapter that converts the The accessories include stainless steel screws and a hex wrench necessary for installation, so installation can be completed in about 5 minutes. This item is made by CNC machining from an aluminum block, and has a matte alumite finish that gives it a look that matches the car body even when the smartphone holder is removed. We also have the World Walk MT-07 smartphone mount long screen clear + φ28 mount adapter set [ws-22c-adapter], which includes [ws-22c] and optional parts [φ28-adapter]. *Price and design may change without notice.

Manufacturer: World-walk
Brand: World-walk
Model name: ws-22c
Package size: 46 x 40.01 x 13.99 cm; 1.9 kg
Product model number: ‎ws-22c
Discontinued by manufacturer: ‎No
Exterior condition: ‎Stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, metal
Position: ‎Top
br>Special Notes: ‎Rechargeable
Color: ‎Clear
Product Weight: ‎1.9 Kilograms
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