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WORLD WING Rim Guard Gray

WORLD WING Rim Guard Gray

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Condition: New

Size: 7.5m For preventing and hiding rim scratches.
Dress up with a rich variety of 10 colors.
For new wheels, prevent scratches. If you are tired of your current wheels, give it a makeover.
It can be installed without removing the wheels, so anyone can easily dress it up.
7.5m can cover up to four 21-inch pieces.

●Installation steps● (Please check the third image.) 1. After washing the car, wipe it with alcohol and let it dry. 2. Coat the installation area with primer. 3. There are long and short sides of the protector, so use and install them depending on the vehicle. 4. Peel off the double-sided tape. 5. Peel off the double-sided tape little by little and place it on the rim. 6. During installation 7. Once it has gone around, cut it with a cutter or scissors. (If you cut them so that they overlap slightly, there will be no gaps.) 8. Press firmly with your hand to complete the installation. 9. Voila.

Manufacturer: World Wing
Brand: World Wing
Package size: 22.6 x 19 x 3.6 cm; 244 g
Color : ‎Gray
Product weight: ‎244 g
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