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Injection controller for World Walk Sportster wxl-12

Injection controller for World Walk Sportster wxl-12

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Condition: New

Materials/Materials: Aluminum Accessories: Instruction manual Compatible models: 2007 and later injection sportsters XL883 XL883R XL883C XL883N XL883L XL1200 XL1200R XL1200C XL1200N XL1200X XL1200V, etc.

Controller for setting the fuel condition for Sportsters from 2007 onwards [Injection controller for Sportsters wxl-12] Sportsters that use injection from 2007 models onwards. Symptoms such as overheating, knocking, and afterfire in 2007 and newer Sportsters can be alleviated by correcting the fuel concentration using the [Injection Controller WXL-12]. Features of our [Sportster Injection Controller WXL-12] Can correct fuel concentration every 1.500 revolutions 2. Operation is very simple 3. Installed with coupler on 4. Black anodized aluminum body 5. Main body And the coupler part is waterproof *Compatibility has not been confirmed for models after 2014.

Manufacturer: World-walk
Brand: World-walk
Model name: wxl-12
Package size: 24.1 x 15 x 10.1 cm; 463.99 g
Product model number: ‎wxl-12
Product weight: ‎464 g
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