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World Walk GB350 meter visor middle smoke ws-37-ms

World Walk GB350 meter visor middle smoke ws-37-ms

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Condition: New

Compatible models: Honda GB350/GB350S [2BK-MD47/2BL-NC59] Installation time: 0.5h

Does not spoil the image of the car body [World Walk GB350 meter visor middle smoke ws-37-ms] The GB series has an attractive classic style. The screen is designed to follow the round headlight and is fixed and attached to the front fork. The shape reduces discomfort when worn and does not spoil the image of the car body. By attaching a meter visor, the wind blows against the fuselage is reduced, and it is also effective in protecting against collisions with flying stones and insects. The mounting stay is made of strong steel. It has a simple shape that eliminates waste, and is lightweight so that it does not put too much burden on you. It was designed from the ground up specifically for the GB series, assuming that it would be installed from the front fork. The screen body is made of highly transparent acrylic material, with the clear version offering excellent visibility and the smoked version reducing glare on the meter on days with strong sunlight. The middle size has a high wind protection effect and greatly reduces the wind blowing against your body. It is especially effective when driving on highways. Recommended size for long touring. *Price and design may change without notice.

Manufacturer: World-Walk
Brand: World-walk
Model name: ws-37
Package size: 33.4 x 30 x 7.4 cm; 630 g
Manufacturer reference: ‎ws-37-ms
Color: ‎Smoke
Certification: ‎‎Only for initial defects within one week of arrival
Product weight: ‎630g
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