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Winter Evening Bearing Kit ECX 1/10 2WD Boost, Ruckus, TORMENT, AMP (15)

Winter Evening Bearing Kit ECX 1/10 2WD Boost, Ruckus, TORMENT, AMP (15)

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✔ Race with us and thousands of other Pro R/C enthusiasts who demand the best products on the market. We have a fan following and are proud to be the leading brand in premium bearings. ✔ This premium bearing kit is compatible with ECX 1/10 2wd Boost, Amp, Torment, Ruckus and includes all bearings (15 pieces) needed for a complete replacement. ✔ Winter Evening perfectly designs the bearings to perfectly fit your R/C vehicle. You can expect longer runtimes, faster acceleration, and higher top-end speeds. ✔ Premium P6 Precision and Chrome Steel 52100 (GCr15) is standard across our lineup to ensure your bearings not only last longer, but also run smoother. ✔ Synthetic micro-bearing grease ensures bearings run smoothly throughout their lifetime without the need for relubrication. Grease stays clean and protected thanks to the HybridBlue seal, which is proven to prevent dust, splashes and dirt.

About the Winter Evening Bearing Kit The Winter Storm series bearings are brand new and durable in design. Manufactured using the latest technology and innovations, including HybridBlue rubber seals, 20% stronger chrome steel, refined to P6 precision and lubricated with industrial grade grease. In other words, this kit is designed to last, be fast, and ultimately be fun. This bearing kit is compatible with the following ECX models: ECX 1/10 2wd Amp MT ECX 1/10 2wd Amp DB ECX 1/10 2wd Ruckus ECX 1/10 2wd Circuit ECX 1/10 2wd Torment ECX 1/10 2wd Boost This kit includes the following premium bearings: 5x10x4 (13 pcs) 10x15x4 (2 pcs) Features: Premium P6 precision. HybridBlue rubber seal Chrome steel construction. Pre-greased with synthetic micro-bearing grease. Note: Please double check the bearings you need, especially if you have upgraded to an aftermarket part. thank you.

Manufacturer: ‎Winter Evening, LLC
Part number: ‎9156
Item weight: ‎18 g
Package size: ‎13.79 x 9.19 x 1.19 cm; 18 g
Material: ‎Alloy Steel
Accessories: ‎Rubber Seal Bearings
Battery Included: ‎No
Battery Usage: ‎No
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