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viz rubber spacer spring rubber 27mm Daihatsu Move VIZ-PCB27C-095

viz rubber spacer spring rubber 27mm Daihatsu Move VIZ-PCB27C-095

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Product number: VIZ-PCB27C-095

★To eliminate abnormal noise caused by the close contact of springs! ★To absorb shock and improve ride comfort! ★For when you want to raise the vehicle height a little more! ★To suppress unnecessary sinking and make driving more stable! ★Set of 2 !The car name in the title of the exhibited item is for search purposes only. We cannot guarantee that it will be able to be installed, so please check in advance whether it can be installed in your car and whether it is the correct size before purchasing. Please note that we cannot accept complaints due to insufficient confirmation.・Ride comfort is improved by absorbing and dispersing the shock that cannot be absorbed by the absorber! It is also effective in eliminating abnormal noise because it prevents contact between lines. - By preventing unnecessary sinking, suspension protection and driving stability are improved by preventing bottoming out! Handling is also changed because force is transmitted smoothly.・We can make subtle height adjustments for cars that have fallen too low due to down suspension, and adjust the front-to-back balance when carrying luggage or people. - If you insert a thicker size, you can suppress the spring contraction and increase the vehicle height! - Easy to install by jacking it up and inserting your hand through the gap between the tire and fender. How to choose the size of the rubber spacer Based on the spring line spacing and the height of the rubber spacer. Please choose the size you like based on how it will be worn when wrapped. ■If you want to raise the vehicle height Measure the distance between the lines with the jack up. *The rubber is inserted while the spring is stretched, so it will be difficult to lower and the vehicle height will increase. ■If you do not want to change the vehicle height Measure under normal conditions without jacking up *Rubber is inserted between the springs, reducing shock and improving ride comfort. Product size (reference) Product number Height (mm) Diameter (mm) PCB12F Approx. 12 Approx. 92 PCB15E Approx. 15 Approx. 92 PCB23D Approx. 23 Approx. 92 PCB27C Approx. 27 Approx. 110 PCB35B Approx. 35 Approx. 140 PCB47A Approx. 47 Approx. 145 Line spacing Measurement Please choose a product smaller than the one you purchased. For vehicles that are too heavy, the effectiveness may be reduced. I think the ride will be more comfortable overall, but if you want a softer ride, choose a smaller size. If the height is almost the same as the line spacing, it may feel hard. About the diameter: Based on the listed diameter, it will expand by approximately 50mm. please note. The diameter does not have much effect on installation, but if it is extremely small, the effectiveness may be halved, and if it is too large, the rubber spacers may come into contact with each other and may not be able to be installed. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Vehicle Inspection Response There is no problem as this is not an inspection item. However, as the response will vary depending on the inspector, we cannot make any guarantees. How do I fix it? Please fix it with tie wraps. I want to improve the ride comfort, but do I need both the front and rear?It will be better if you install both the front and rear. Please make your own judgment based on the weight of the vehicle, the condition of the springs, and your preferences. Only half of the spring diameter is insufficient If the diameter is less than half, the spring will become unstable. We recommend installing two. Please use a product larger than the spring diameter by cutting it to an appropriate size. I would like to raise the vehicle height to the desired height.Due to individual differences, we are unable to answer any questions you may have. Please check the condition of your car and make your own decision. Please note: The vehicle model in the title is for reference only. We cannot guarantee that it can be installed on all models. Please check in advance whether it can be installed by yourself and purchase at your own risk.

Manufacturer: ‎viz
Brand: ‎viz (Viz)
Model name: ‎VIZ-PCB27C-095
Packing size: ‎20.8 x 14.6 x 6 cm; 879.99 g
Product model number: ‎VIZ-PCB27C-095
Product weight: ‎880 g
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