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viz Nissan Presage U31 dedicated TV/NV kit TV navigation kit VIZ-TNK-N1-15

viz Nissan Presage U31 dedicated TV/NV kit TV navigation kit VIZ-TNK-N1-15

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Product number: VIZ-TNK-N1-15

◆Compatible models◆ Nissan Presage Carwings navigation HDD system ◆Model◆ U31 (H19.6-H21.8) ◆Model name◆ - ◆Installation position◆ AV unit under the monitor ◆Navigation type/type◆ Manufacturer option/HDD ◆Caution Matters ◆ ◆Details ◆ Have you ever had trouble with the genuine navigation system that does not display TV images except when the car is stopped? Just install this product and you can watch TV while driving! The TV kit is an automatic type. Therefore, no switching operation is required! Since the installation is a coupler type, there is no need for troublesome wiring processing ♪ Therefore, there is no need to worry about damaging the genuine wiring! Installation is even easier if you work while referring to the product installation information on Alpine's website. *For the type with a switch in the image, you can also operate the navigation. ◆Specifications◆ TV kit body (*If there is a switch in the image, it is also included.) ◆Precautions for installation and use◆ This product is not intended for use by anyone other than the driver while driving. It's a TV kit. Drivers should never stare at the monitor while driving, as this violates the Road Traffic Act. Please be sure to check the vehicle compatibility information or the model number near the four corners of the navigation system before purchasing. Please perform installation at a knowledgeable specialty store. Please note that even if the car model is listed, there may be cases where it is not compatible depending on the first year registration date. Specifications may change without notice due to product improvements, etc. For vehicle inspection, please contact the nearest Land Transport Office. We are not responsible for any accidents or damage that may occur when using this product.

Manufacturer: ‎viz
Brand: ‎Viz
Model name: ‎VIZ-TNK-N1-15
Packing size: ‎22.9 x 15.2 x 4.3 cm; 94 g
Product model number: ‎VIZ-TNK-N1-15
Product weight: ‎94 g
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