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viz muffler cutter [41] Aurora color S2000 Honda Z Inspire VIZ-KMC-AX41-14

viz muffler cutter [41] Aurora color S2000 Honda Z Inspire VIZ-KMC-AX41-14

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Product number: VIZ-KMC-AX41-14

A new muffler cutter that tightens the rear view and creates a luxurious look. Made of rust-resistant stainless steel with a carefully polished mirror finish. Only the exit is finished in aurora color. Since it is a band tightening type, it is easy to install and also prevents damage to the muffler body. The outer diameter that can be installed is from 32mm to 56mm. Please refer to the third image as a reference and note that it cannot be installed if any of the following apply. (1) When A is shorter than the total length of the purchased product (2) When B is less than 40 mm or not straight (3) When C is less than 10 mm (4) When the current muffler cannot be fixed firmly (5) When the muffler If there is no space for the purchased product horizontally from the center of the exit. *In addition, it may not be possible to install depending on the grade or cold region specifications, so be sure to check the shape of the muffler of your car. *Please be careful not to tighten too tightly as it may damage the muffler pipe. *Please note that due to the effects of line painting and special paints that are difficult to work with, all paint patterns are different, and in rare cases, it may be a single color or two colors. Please note that our company cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by falling off or damage. *This product is a general-purpose item. The car name in the title of the exhibited item is for search purposes only. We do not guarantee that it will always be installed. Please check whether it can be installed or not and purchase at your own risk.

Manufacturer: ‎viz
Brand: ‎viz (Viz)
Model name: ‎VIZ-KMC-AX41-14
Packing size: ‎21.8 x 11.8 x 10.6 cm ; 599.99 g
Product model number: ‎VIZ-KMC-AX41-14
Product weight: ‎600 g
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