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VANSHLY 946-05098C throttle/chalk cable GT XT2 50 GX54 ST54 ST54 LX46 LX42

VANSHLY 946-05098C throttle/chalk cable GT XT2 50 GX54 ST54 ST54 LX46 LX42

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√【Replacement Part Number: 946-05098, 946-05098A, 946-05098B, 946-05098C, 746-05098, 746-05098A, 746-05098B, 746-05098C. √[Product type]: XT1-GT 50, XT1-GT50, XT1-GT54 FAB, XT1-LT46, XT1-LT46 FAB, XT1-LT50, XT1-LT50 FAB, XT1-LT54, XT1-LT54 FAB, XT1-ST54 FAB, XT2-GX54. FAB, XT2-LFAB, XTX42, XT2-LX46, XT2-LX50, XT2-ST54 FAB. √【Easy to install】: Easy to install and remove, can directly replace your old or damaged throttle cable, saving you time and money. √【High Quality】: Vanshly has the best manufacturing personnel. It meets the professional requirements of stability and durability. √【Guarantee】: Satisfaction Guaranteed or No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. 1 year warranty or 90 days return. If you encounter any problems during use, please contact us immediately.

: Vanshly 946-05098C Throttle Choke Control Cable GT XT1 XT2 50 GT50 GT54 LT46 LT50 -LT54 GX54 ST54 LX50 LX46 LX42 Part Name: Throttle Cable Replacement Part Number: 946-05098C 247277 0460 CYT4220SE 13APA1KS897 9 46-05098 946-05098B 946- 05098A 946-05098C 746-05098C 746-05098B 746-05098A 746-05098A. 6-050 6-98 Known Compatibility: XT1-GT 50 XT1-GT50 XT1-GT54 FAB XT1-LT46 XT1-LT46 FAB XT1-LT50 XT1-LT50 FAB XT1-LT54 XT1-LT54 FAB XT1-ST54 FAB XT2-GX54 FAB XT2 -LX42 XT2-LX46 XT2-LX50 XT2-ST54 FAB Warranty: 1 year Note: Please make sure the replacement part number matches the part you are replacing. Convenient for disassembling things and with Metric Tools 1/4" Socket Set and 1/2" Socket Set, you can complete it in time.

Manufacturer: ‎Vanshly
Product model number: ‎946-05098C
Product size: ‎130.81 x 9.91 x 7.87 cm; 310 g
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