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VALENTI Jewel Halogen Bulb Headlight Fog Lamp 6000K for H11 KH05-H11-60

VALENTI Jewel Halogen Bulb Headlight Fog Lamp 6000K for H11 KH05-H11-60

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Condition: New

Compatibility: H11
Where to use: Headlights/fog lamps
Type: H11
Contents [Quantity]: 2
Notes: Conforms to safety standards
Power consumption/Brightness [Watts] ]:12V55WW
Voltage [Volt]: 12V
Color temperature [Kelvin]: 6000K

Valenti's new series of jewel halogen bulbs are unprecedented high-efficiency bulbs that offer both brightness and paleness. ■Surprising brightness and blueness High-efficiency halogen bulbs provide amazing brightness and blue coating provides blue-white light emission! Users seeking blue-white light will also be satisfied. An unprecedented high-spec, high-efficiency bulb that is both bright and bright. ■Made in Japan, safe and secure. ■A wide range of lineups The lineup includes the standard H4, H8, H11, and HB3/4, which can be used for fog lamps, and H1 and H7, which can also be used for high beams. Compatible with various uses with a variety of standard lineups. Additionally, HB3 and HB4 are shared types. ■Achieving low prices Even though it is domestically produced, it has excellent cost performance pricing. ■Compliant with safety standards This product complies with safety standards in both brightness and color temperature.

Manufacturer: ‎VALENTI
Brand: ‎Valenti
Model name: ‎KH05-H11-60
Product size: ‎12.5 x 10.39 x 6.91 cm; 96 g
Product model number: ‎KH05-H11-60
Position: ‎Front
Valve shape: ‎H11
Product dimensions Depth x Width x Height: ‎12.5 x 10.4 x 6.9 cm
Number of bolts: ‎12 bolts
Product weight: ‎96 g
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