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VALENTI LED Chrome Bulb T10 Blue Compatible with Domestic Cars Only LC12-T10-BL

VALENTI LED Chrome Bulb T10 Blue Compatible with Domestic Cars Only LC12-T10-BL

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Condition: New

Color [Color]: Blue Standard display: T10 Compatibility: Domestic cars Used in: Room lamps, etc. Contents [Quantity]: 2 pieces Voltage [Volt]: 12V

A next-generation LED bulb that is not only bright but also register-free. ■Amazing brightness! Achieves 300% brightness compared to conventional genuine bulbs. There have been complaints that LED turn signals and tail lights are particularly dark, but the LED chrome bulb series boasts brightness that surpasses the genuine bulbs. ■Register Free (no resistance)! The LED chrome bulb series has a resistance function. Eliminates the high flash phenomenon that occurs by converting the turn signal to LED. Simply replace with the genuine valve, eliminating the need for resistor installation or relay replacement. In addition, the small/stop lamp bulb eliminates the lighting of warning lights (burned bulb, skidding, etc.) that occurs when replacing tail lamps. Since the warning light is eliminated, there is no need to install a resistor. (Excluding T10 wedge and white bulb) ■Perfect chrome coating cover that can be attached and detached! The yellow chip of conventional white LED bulbs was reflected in the reflector when not lit. However, the LED chrome bulb series is equipped with a chrome-coated cover that eliminates the problem of glare. It is also possible to attach or detach the cover. ■Compatible models Domestic 12V cars

Manufacturer: ‎VALENTI
Brand: ‎Valenti
Model name: LC12-T10-BL
Product Size: 12.6 x 6.6 x 3.2 cm; 20 g
Product model number: LC12-T10-BL
Exterior condition: Chrome
Position: Medium
Bulb type: LED
>Valve shape: ‎T10
Product dimensions: Depth x width x height: ‎12.6 x 6.6 x 3.2 cm
Number of bolts: ‎12 bolts
Color: ‎Blue
Certification: ‎Initial failure Only available
Product weight: ‎20 g
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