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[Tsuchiya Yak] Car model specific product Toyota 210 series Corolla built-in ETC cover SY-CO12

[Tsuchiya Yak] Car model specific product Toyota 210 series Corolla built-in ETC cover SY-CO12

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For TOYOTA Corolla / Corolla Touring / Corolla Sport (ZWE / ZRE / NRE 21 #・MZEA1#) Color: Black Main material: ABS leather texture

●This is a cover that attaches to the ETC on-board equipment built-in type installation location of Toyota 210 series Corolla/Corolla Touring/Corolla Sport (ZWE/ZRE/NRE21#/MZEA1#). ●Ideal for preventing theft as the ETC onboard device can be hidden. ●Specially designed to fit perfectly on the interior panel where the built-in ETC onboard device is installed. ●Easy to install, just paste with double-sided tape. ●Open the cover when inserting/removing the ETC card. [Please check before purchasing] ●This product is not a base for mounting an ETC on-vehicle device. ●This product is only for right-hand drive 210 series Corolla/Corolla Touring/Corolla Sport (ZWE/ZRE/NRE21#/MZEA1#). *It may not be compatible with minor change vehicles after the survey date (as of November 2022). ●Cannot be installed on vehicles that have additional options installed around the built-in space of the ETC on-board device. ●Compatible with vehicles equipped with ETC onboard equipment built-in type (basic type/voice type). ●After installing this product, the energization lamp of the ETC on-board device will not be visible when the cover is closed. Also, the sound from the ETC onboard device may become difficult to hear. ●If a commercially available ETC on-vehicle device is installed in the vehicle's built-in type installation location, this product cannot be installed if the protrusion from the opening exceeds 4 mm.

Manufacturer: Tsuchiya Yac
Brand: Tsuchiya Yac
Model name: Toyota 210 series Corolla exclusive product
Product size: 2.6 x 11.7 x 4.7 cm; 50 g
Product model number: ‎SY-CO12
Product dimensions Depth x Width x Height: 26 x 117 x 47 mm
Color: ‎ー
Certification: ‎None
Product weight: ‎50 g
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