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Tsuchiya Yak Falcon Marker Yellow CE-181

Tsuchiya Yak Falcon Marker Yellow CE-181

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Condition: New

・Resin lens LED marker ・Lens color: Clear / Luminous color: Yellow
Lens: Acrylic / Ring: ABS (chrome plating) / Reflector: PP ・DC12V/24V shared ・Cord earth type

- In addition to the use of conventional marker lamps, the line light is easily reflected in the side mirrors of other vehicles, improving visibility. Downlights illuminate the ground and make it easier to check the width of the vehicle.・A double lens with an inner lens that creates a sparkling light with a lens cut, an outer lens that has a that directs light to the sides, and a that illuminates the ground. - Can be installed in either horizontal or vertical holes by removing and rotating the rotating base and arranging the bolts vertically. - Designed to make it easy to check the marker tip with a light guiding lens. - Sealed waterproof type that minimizes water intrusion. - Comes with a ventilation seal to prevent condensation.・2-wire type. - Number of LEDs used: 15 - Accessories: Flange nuts M5 (2 pieces) - Cord length: Approx. 150mm (0.5sq) Precautions for use - Prepared holes (Φ6mm x 2 places, Φ8mm x 1 place) on the vehicle side It needs to be opened.・Water may enter this product from the point where it connects to the vehicle cord. Make sure to waterproof the connections

Manufacturer: Tsuchiya Yac
Brand: Tsuchiya Yac
Model name: CE- 181
Package size: ‎14.6 x 10.4 x 10.2 cm; 220 g
Product model number: ‎CE-181
Discontinued by the manufacturer: ‎No
Color: ‎Yellow
br>Product weight: ‎220 g
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