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TOTO Air-in Shower Head (Plated Square Type) THC7C

TOTO Air-in Shower Head (Plated Square Type) THC7C

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Condition: New

Color: Silver Air-in shower head (plated) A shower that uses the power of air to save water and provide comfort. By incorporating air into the water, you can save a lot of water without sacrificing the comfort of taking a bath. By including air, water particles are Larger grains, achieving a satisfying "voluminous feel"

-This shower head has a different water spouting angle than other shower heads, so we recommend purchasing a shower hanger (THYC51) that allows you to adjust the angle at the same time.・Plated shower heads cannot be used in public baths, leisure facilities, or other baths that are frequently used by an unspecified number of people, as the plating surface is likely to crack.・If the water supply pressure is low, the amount of water discharged may not be sufficient. Please use with water supply pressure of 0.07MPa or higher.

Brand: TOTO
Product model number: THC7C
Product size: 28.8 x 9 x 6.9 cm; 322.05 g
Color: Silver
Wallpaper pattern・Pattern: Single item
Accessories: None
Battery included: No
Product weight: 322 g
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