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THREED Chain 530Z (GP:GP) Gold Z 530Z-GP/GP-120

THREED Chain 530Z (GP:GP) Gold Z 530Z-GP/GP-120

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Chain size: 530 Number of links [Number of links]: 120L Seal shape [with/without seal]: QX2 Ring color [color]: Gold Compatibility: 250cc-1400cc Type: Z Notes: MLJ (caulking joint)

A curved form with a 3D design that pursues beauty and function. High strength chain aiming for zero initial elongation. Gold plating not only on the plate but also on the pin further enhances the sense of luxury. [Features] [Precision forging processing] Improves accelerator response by increasing rigidity. The performance of the engine can be demonstrated without loss. [Unique perforated plate] Based on the results obtained through repeated computer-based stress analysis, it has been possible to create holes in the plate without reducing its strength. It provides weight reduction, heat dissipation effect, and mud removal effect. [Improved transmission efficiency] By increasing the processing precision of each part, we have achieved a significant improvement in transmission efficiency. [Using perforated pins] Measurement is achieved by drilling holes at both ends of the pin. [Inner plate chamfering] By calculating the engagement with the sprocket and chamfering, unnecessary friction is eliminated and smooth rotation is possible. The image is an image. Precautions for use MLJ (Caulking joint) Attention (Disclaimer) > Please read [Note] When purchasing, please check the vehicle information and the number of links for the actual vehicle before placing your order. Please check carefully to ensure that the number of links is different and you are unable to install the product. Please check the manufacturer's website to see if it is compatible with the vehicle you are installing before purchasing. Read more

Manufacturer: THREED
Brand: EK
Package size: 27 x 12.6 x 3.3 cm; 2.74 kg
Product model Number: ‎530Z-GP/GP-120
Color: ‎Gold
Product weight: ‎2.74 Kilograms
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