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Teramoto 4196-mini-Z01 T-REVmini SP Kit Titanium CT125 Hunter Cab (JA55/JA65)

Teramoto 4196-mini-Z01 T-REVmini SP Kit Titanium CT125 Hunter Cab (JA55/JA65)

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Condition: New

Compatible model: CT125 Hunter Cub (JA55/JA65) Color: Titanium

The T-REVmini has mild engine braking and engine vibration, making it easier to ride the bike. External kit compatible with CT125 Hunter Cub JA55/JA65. T-REVmini can be seen from the side, improving customization and maintainability. Available in 3 colors. We call a part with this structure a "blow-by gas management valve", which reduces rotational friction by reducing the pressure inside the crankcase. The structure and installation are very simple, just insert the "T-REV" into the blow-by line! The structure is a one-way valve that prevents the backflow of outside air and utilizes the pulsation of the vertical movement of the piston to create negative pressure inside the crankcase, similar to a "vacuum pump", thereby reducing piston resistance and stirring resistance (during crank rotation). Stirring As a result, engine braking is reduced, engine vibration is reduced, and the engine feels as if it has been highly tuned to remove internal friction. Naturally, this also leads to improved fuel efficiency. So why is this effect achieved?Reciprocating engines involve a reciprocating slider movement of the piston, so in a single cylinder engine, for example, when the piston is at its highest position and when it is at its lowest position, the volume inside the crankcase increases or decreases by the amount of displacement. It will be. In addition, in reciprocating engines, blow-by gas flows in from the gap between the piston and cylinder, so modern engines are always equipped with a blow-by line as standard to release these volume changes. The air inside the crankcase is moved in conjunction with the up and down movement of the piston. In other words, air is discharged from the blow-by line when the piston descends, and air is sucked in from the blow-by line when the piston rises, creating a pulsating phenomenon at the tip of the blow-by line while the engine is running. T-REV interrupts the blow-by line where this pulsation occurs to prevent backflow of air when the piston rises and change to a negative pressure state. Negative pressure means that the air density remaining inside the crankcase is reduced. Lowering the air density in the crankcase reduces the weight of air that moves violently within the crankcase during engine operation, and reduces the air agitation resistance that occurs as the engine rotates. In other words, lowering the internal pressure of the crankcase = lowering the air density inside the crankcase = the weight of the air is lighter, making it easier to move = reducing the resistance when the engine rotates.

Manufacturer: ‎Teramoto Automobile Shokai
Model name: ‎T-REV mini
Package size: ‎14.3 x 11.5 x 5.9 cm; 220 g
Product model number: ‎4196-mini-Z01
Color: ‎Titanium
Certification: ‎Only initial defects will be verified.
Product weight: ‎220 g
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