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TEIN Genuine Shape Shock Absorber [EnduraPro SP KIT] Toyota Altezza #XE10 VSY20-A1SS2

TEIN Genuine Shape Shock Absorber [EnduraPro SP KIT] Toyota Altezza #XE10 VSY20-A1SS2

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Condition: New

■ Compatible model: GXE10/SXE10 Sold as a set for 1 unit

■Customized entry model with genuine shape shock absorber and spring set!■Sold as a set for 1 car■EnduraPro / EnduraPro PLUS is a genuine shape high performance shock absorber. ■Equipped with a lower spring seat that has the same shape as the genuine shock absorber, and is designed to be used with the genuine spring and genuine upper mount. ■This item is ideal not only for repairing and replacing genuine shock absorbers due to wear or oil leaks, but also for those who want to improve ride comfort and handling while maintaining the original vehicle height with the original springs. It can also be used in combination with a lowdown spring. ■A new production method called "shield structure" is adopted to achieve both high quality and cost reduction. ■For the strut type, increasing the thickness of the mounting part to the vehicle side (knuckle) ensures greater strength than the genuine product and improves durability. ■High-strength material is used for the shell case, which is the core of the shock absorber, achieving tensile strength approximately 1.5 times that of the genuine product. In addition, the oil capacity is increased by making the shell case diameter thicker than the original. In addition to improved durability, it provides stable damping force performance over a long period of time. ■Uses high-performance damper oil with stable viscosity characteristics from low to high temperatures to maintain smooth stroke and reliable damping force under various conditions. ■After the base treatment, a patented (*) 2-coat, 1-bake powder coating using anti-corrosion paint is applied to achieve superior durability and corrosion resistance. Due to its high rust prevention performance, it can be used with confidence even in snowy areas and coastal areas. *Patent No. 4347712■ EnduraPro / EnduraPro PLUS, which is equipped with a Hydro Bump Stopper (H.B.S.), converts the impact during a full stroke into thermal energy inside the shock absorber and absorbs it, thereby reducing the impact that disturbs the car's behavior. Make it much smaller. Furthermore, there is less damage to the shock absorber, leading to improved durability. ■Double-tube type.Double-tube type that ensures plenty of stroke with low rebound ■Before purchasing, please check the vehicle model, engine type, drive system, model year, grade, etc. with the vehicle inspection certificate and caution plate. Please be sure to check the manufacturer's website to see if there are any errors in vehicle model compatibility. * Regarding the above compatibility (car model, year, model), the part number of the compatible product may change due to model changes, etc., so please be sure to check again on the TEIN homepage below. *Please note that the images shown are samples, and the actual shape, color, and component composition may differ.

Manufacturer: ‎Tein
Brand: ‎TEIN
Model name: ‎VSY20-A1SS2
Packing size: ‎90 x 30 x 30 cm; 30 kg
br>Item model number: ‎VSY20-A1SS2
Item weight: ‎30 Kilograms
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