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TANAX Introducing a semi-hard type ETC case that is resistant to impact! ETC case 1/2●Specifications Body size: 110(H) x 165(W) x 50(D)mm Product number: MF-4751 (ETC case 1)/MF-4752 (ETC case 2) Body weight: 100g Material: EVA+synthetic leather Contents: Main body x 1, cable ties x 2 Maximum storage weight: 350g Separate antenna ETC only: Compatible with MITSUBA and Japan Radio ● Mountable size Install with included cable ties Total length 250 mm or less *Other than that, use commercially available cables Please use the band. *Mounting hole: Φ10mm●Applicable ETC size (excluding wiring) 30(H)×125(W)×85(D)mm or less●Installation method *Two types of installation methods can be selected・Use bolts on the vehicle body A method of flipping up the hook-and-loop fastener inside the case and fastening it together with bolts to the vehicle body. If the bolt head is small, adjust it with a commercially available washer. *To prevent contact between the bolt head and the on-vehicle device, make sure that the total height of the bolt and the thickness of the washer does not exceed 10 mm.・How to attach the included cable tie to the car body by passing it through the hole in the case. ●How to store the ETC Please take the cord outside by pinching it with the double zipper and store the ETC on-board device. Secure the in-vehicle device with hook-and-loop fasteners. ●One point advice: Attaching the key using the zipper tab is a simple security measure. *Key not included. Also, be careful not to damage the vehicle with the installed key. ●Installation example: Seat frame, handle brace, various parts of the frame

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