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Special parts TAKEGAWA Super Multi TFT Meter CT125 (JA55/JA65) 05-05-0076

Special parts TAKEGAWA Super Multi TFT Meter CT125 (JA55/JA65) 05-05-0076

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Condition: New

Compatible models: CT125 (JA55-1000001~/JA65-1000001~)

This multimeter is equipped with many functions such as speed, rotation speed, gear position, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, time, battery voltage display, tire outer diameter correction, power test function, etc. Adopts a highly visible pointer-type tachometer and digital display with TFT liquid crystal. A special sub-harness and a special stay set are included. The meter fixing part uses a rubber mount that reduces vibrations to the meter. It cannot be installed at the same time as H.I.D. or other manufacturers' LED headlights or fog lights. Some ballasts/inverters (voltage converters) emit high voltage noise that has an adverse effect on digital circuits, causing product failure or malfunction. Regarding setting the gear position To set the gear position, both the speed signal and engine rotation signal must be input to the Super Multi TFT meter. Therefore, it is necessary to perform automatic reading work by “actual driving”. Do not set the gear position in urban areas, as there are many traffic lights and traffic, which can be dangerous. When driving, please choose a road with good visibility, check the surrounding road conditions, and proceed with caution. The gear position display is switched based on speed and rotational speed. When stopped, the display will not change even if you operate the gear change. *When installing on JA65, Honda genuine accessory socket: 08U70-K2E-J00 cannot be used. Simultaneous installation is possible by using the separate SP Takegawa cigarette socket stay: 09-01-0001.

Manufacturer: ‎Special Parts Takegawa
Brand: ‎Special Parts Takegawa (TAKEGAWA)
Model name: ‎Super Multi TFT Meter
Packing size: ‎24.6 x 14.2 x 12.3 cm ; 800 g
Manufacturer reference: ‎05-05-0076
Certification: ‎None
Product weight: ‎800 g
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