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SYGNHOUSE Motorcycle Mount System Vibration Guard Vibration Absorption Unit for Smartphone Holder [Compatible with: A-32/A-37/A-38/A-44/A-45/A-46] 00082121

SYGNHOUSE Motorcycle Mount System Vibration Guard Vibration Absorption Unit for Smartphone Holder [Compatible with: A-32/A-37/A-38/A-44/A-45/A-46] 00082121

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Condition: New

Product number: 00082121 Compatible with: M8 series smartphone holder (A-32/A-37/A-38/A-44/A-45/A-46) Compatible with: Smartphone exclusive product (motorcycle) Features: Designed specifically for motorcycles Mounting system Features: Shifts high frequency vibration to low frequency vibration (vibration isolating rubber)

Sign House Mount System Smartphone Holder Dedicated Shock Vibration Absorption Unit VIBRATION GUARD Compatible: M8 Series Smartphone Holder (A-32/A-37/A-38/A-44/A-45/A-46) Product Number: 000821211 Safe for motorcycles ``Vibration Guard'' Converts high-frequency vibrations generated by motorcycles into low-frequency vibrations, reducing damage caused by vibrations transmitted to smartphones. 2 The patent-pending patent-pending unique structure of the aluminum body "tri-arm" uses anti-vibration rubber that is excellent at absorbing vibrations, alternately sandwiched between the top and bottom to suppress vibrations in all directions, front, back, left and right. It has a wide range of motion and performs well even against sudden strong impacts such as bumps. ​3 Demonstrates a high vibration-proofing effect By combining the 3-part structure (A+B+C) with excellent shock-absorbing power with the vibration-absorbing unit "Vibration Guard," it exhibits a higher vibration-proofing effect. 4 Shifting high-frequency vibrations to low-frequency vibrations "Vibration Guard" absorbs and shifts the frequency of vibrations received from the vehicle body (part C), reducing damage transmitted to smartphones (part A). 5 MOUNT SYSTEMA (device), B (arm), and C (base) designed specifically for motorcycles are jointed using hard rubber balls to solve the problem of vibration unique to motorcycles. In addition, the high-density A6061 block material, which is machined from aluminum and has excellent impact resistance and durability, has high rigidity and is tough enough to withstand harsh environments such as off-roading and driving in the rain. The Vibration Guard has a simple design that is installed between the balls of the "A Smartphone Holder" and further suppresses damage caused by vibrations that the smartphone receives. 6 A mount system designed specifically for motorcycles to safely attach electronic devices for long-term use. By adding a "vibration guard" that is designed to suppress the deterioration of smartphone camera performance due to high-frequency vibrations generated by motorcycles, you can continue to use the mount system with even greater peace of mind. Please check before purchasing - It does not completely prevent smartphone failure. This product reduces damage by softening the vibrations transmitted to the worn device. If damage has already accumulated on the smartphone side, malfunction cannot be prevented. - Exclusively for the mount system "smartphone holder". Applicable to: A-32/A-37/A-38/A-44/A-45/A-46 Compatible with M8 series - When shaken significantly due to vibrations such as steps, it will tilt up to about 30 degrees compared to when the vibration guard is not installed. You may. The tilting effect may cause damage to the vehicle body, including the tank. Please check the location of the mounting system.・When installing the vibration guard, please firmly tighten each bolt and screw on the smartphone holder arm. Also, if your smartphone shakes inside part A, please take measures such as using a case.​​・The anti-vibration rubber is a consumable item. To maintain anti-vibration performance, please replace it regularly (every two years) after purchase. Product number: 00082142

Manufacturer: ‎SYGN HOUSE
Model name: ‎Mount system
Packing size: ‎12.6 x 8.8 x 5.4 cm; 90 g
Item model number: ‎00082121
Special notes: ‎Durability
Color: ‎Black
Item weight: ‎90 g
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