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SYGNHOUSE Motorcycle Mount System B Parts (Height Different) B-8 Arm Short (42mm) 00081953

SYGNHOUSE Motorcycle Mount System B Parts (Height Different) B-8 Arm Short (42mm) 00081953

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Sign House System Mount: B Part (Arm) Part: B-8 Product Number: 00081953 Length: 42mm short type (total length 64mm) 3 types of arm parts to choose from depending on ease of viewing and ease of use

SYGN HOUSE High-strength motorcycle device holder MOUNT SYSTEM ●Artistic precision Tough, strong, and beautiful. A device holder exclusively for motorcycles made of machined aluminum with a finely honed functional beauty. ●Detailed processing of strong materials The main body is machined one by one from aluminum A 6061 material, which has higher strength and corrosion resistance than pure aluminum, and is heat treated to further increase its strength, taking into account heat from sunlight, rain and dust. And surface treatments such as alumite are applied to prevent scratches. ●The joints are flexible ball joint parts. Rubber material balls are used for the joints. It allows for a highly flexible layout and prevents damage and scratches. [Freely installed with 3 parts]--------------------------------------Can be attached to any bike It consists of three parts so that it can also be used with devices. A Holder: Holder parts designed specifically for each device. B arm: Arm part that connects A part and C part. C Base: A base part that serves as a base that is selected according to the vehicle type and installation space. -------------------------------------------------- ------------★B arm Please choose according to the ease of viewing and ease of use. B-8 Short arm (42mm) Product number: 00081953 Short type with length of 42mm (total length 64mm) *Length is the distance between ball joints

Manufacturer: SYGN HOUSE
Model name: Mounting system
Package size: 13.7 x 8.7 x 5.6 cm; 100 g
Product model number: 00081953
Special notes Details: ‎Adjustable angle
Color: ‎Silver
Certification: ‎1 year manufacturer's warranty
Product weight: ‎100 g
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