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Swage-Line PRO Front Hose Kit Tri-piece Stainless Steel Black/Black Z900RS BTPB762FT

Swage-Line PRO Front Hose Kit Tri-piece Stainless Steel Black/Black Z900RS BTPB762FT

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Condition: New

Compatible model: Z900RS 18-20 Hose color: Black smoke hose Hose material: 3-layer structure of Teflon tube/stainless mesh/PVC coating Fitting color: [Fitting/Banjo] Black (electrolytic coloring)/Black (electrolytic coloring) Fitting material: [Fitting/Banjo] Stainless steel/Stainless steel Fluid [Presence/Presence]: None Routing: Y style (tri-piece) Used area: Front brake hose Notes: Right caliper side banjo adapter (head) and caliper (rotation stopper) There is a risk of interference with The outer diameter of the tool used cannot exceed φ18. (Genuine banjo bolts can be used. Please use the included copper washers.) Precautions for use: Be sure to follow the instructions in the manual when installing the product. Please install the product at a factory certified in the automobile disassembly and maintenance business. We are not responsible for any accidents or troubles caused by installation reasons or factors. In addition, the kit contents are designed with the car body in normal condition. If the handle, caliper, master, etc. have been replaced with non-genuine parts, it may not be possible to install the product.

The ``Swedge Line Pro'' is a high-end kit that follows the functions of the ``Swedge Line,'' but has improved compatibility with brake customization through a completely vehicle-specific parts structure, such as hose routing methods and ABS compatibility.

Manufacturer: ‎Swage Line
Brand: ‎Swage Line
Model name: ‎Z900RS 18-20
Package size: ‎ 35 x 15 x 15 cm; 1.2 kg
Manufacturer reference: ‎BTPB762FT
Color: ‎Black smoke hose
Certification: ‎None. Available on a case-by-case basis.
Product weight: ‎1.2 Kilograms
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