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SUNSTAR Motorcycle Chain 520 Size 108 Links Standard Color

SUNSTAR Motorcycle Chain 520 Size 108 Links Standard Color

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Product number: SS520SKC-108NT Chain size: 520 Number of links: 108 Color: Standard Model number: 37

A motorcycle-specific chain developed under the supervision of sprocket manufacturer Sunstar. The chain was developed in pursuit of compatibility with the sprocket and is designed to maximize the durability of the sprocket and chain.・Made in Japan gives you peace of mind. -You can purchase in 2-link increments, saving you the trouble of cutting the chain to the appropriate length before installing it. - You can easily find a chain that matches your bike by searching for compatibility on the manufacturer's website.・If you compare the prices with other domestic chain manufacturers, the prices are very reasonable. We eliminate distribution margins and set prices so that end users can easily exchange chains.

Manufacturer: SUNSTAR
Model name: Motorcycle chain
Package size: 31 x 13 x 3 cm; 1.9 kg
Product model number: ‎SS520SKC-108NT
Color: ‎Standard (no plating)
Certification: ‎Guaranteed only if the product is defective before installation (installation) or use (driving) I will do it.
Product weight: ‎1.9 Kilograms
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