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SUNSTAR Stainless Steel Rear Sprocket 520-49T KAWASAKI 3-3619-49

SUNSTAR Stainless Steel Rear Sprocket 520-49T KAWASAKI 3-3619-49

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Product number: 361949 Chain size: 520 Number of teeth: 49 Material: Special stainless steel Representative models: D-TRACKER/X, KLX250, KX125, KX250F, KX450F, etc.

The thickness of the sprocket is determined by the plan, so it is not possible to simply change the thickness. With Sunstar, we were able to cut the thickness of the material in half by making the tooth tips into an alternating wave shape. This reduces the weight to about 1/2 compared to conventional sprockets, and the shape of the tooth tips improves mud removal performance. By using stainless steel, which is unique to Sunstar, which produces brake discs, it has outstanding durability comparable to steel. Caution (Disclaimer) > Please read -

Manufacturer: SUNSTAR
Model name: STENZ 750 g
Product model number: 3-3619-49
Product dimensions Depth x Width x Height: 26 x 26 x 0.6 cm
Certification: ‎We only guarantee the product if it is defective before installation (installation) or use (driving).
Product weight: ‎750 g
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