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[STREET/Street] Mr. Plus Steering Remote Control Switch [Product Number] AH-23

[STREET/Street] Mr. Plus Steering Remote Control Switch [Product Number] AH-23

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Condition: New

This is a harness that works with the steering remote control for the 80 series Noah, VOXY, and ESQUIRE.
Product compatibility
Compatible car models 80 series Noah, VOXY, ESQ
Navigation compatibility
For detailed navigation compatibility and steering remote control operation examples, please refer to the manufacturer's website "AH-23 Operation Guide" and "AH-23 Please be sure to check the installation instructions.
Note: A separate steering adapter is required. (Excluding models built into the navigation system)
Caution Drilling is required.

The steering remote control for the 8# series Noah, VOXY, and ESQURE (all including hybrids) has multiple switches in its original condition, but the dealer option navigation and external/commercial navigation can only be used to increase and decrease the volume. This troublesome problem can be solved by installing this product AH-23. With dealer option navigation, fast forwarding, rewinding, and source switching can be operated using the steering remote control.In the case of non-manufacturing/commercially available navigation systems, in addition to fast forwarding, rewinding, and source switching, depending on the model, the "map screen" can also be operated. It is now possible to assign a variety of functions such as "reducing, enlarging, muting, etc." to buttons on the vehicle's steering wheel remote control. (For details, please check the instruction manual for each navigation device and the illustrated compatibility chart on our website.)

Manufacturer: ‎Street
Brand: ‎Street (Street)
Model name: ‎AH-23
Package size: ‎18.4 x 12 x 2 cm; 48 g
Product model number: ‎AH-23
Discontinued by the manufacturer Yes: ‎No
Lift type: ‎ON-OFF
Year: ‎2015
Certification: ‎None
Product weight: ‎48 g
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