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ESPELIR [Super Down Suspension] Daihatsu Tanto / Tanto Custom 2WD NA L350S ESD-514

ESPELIR [Super Down Suspension] Daihatsu Tanto / Tanto Custom 2WD NA L350S ESD-514

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Condition: New

Compatible models: Tanto L350S 2WD NA, Tanto L350S 2WD Turbo, Tanto Custom L350S 2WD NA X/L, Tanto Custom L350S 2WD Turbo Custom RS

■Down suspension that complies with safety standards. ■We place emphasis on ride comfort and durability. ■Pursuing the best settings by repeatedly testing each machine. We placed the utmost importance on the amount of down and stroke, and developed it through repeated tests to achieve both low down and ride comfort, which tend to be inversely proportional. ■Before purchasing, please check the vehicle model, engine model, drive system, year, grade, etc. with the vehicle inspection certificate and caution plate, and be sure to check the manufacturer's website to see if there are any errors in vehicle compatibility. Caution (Disclaimer) > Please read Product: ESPELIR SUPER DOWNSUS Product number: ESD-514 Down amount (mm): Front 41-46 / Rear 32-37 Spring rate (kg/mm): Front 3.6 / Rear 2.9●Compatible model: Daihatsu Tanto●Vehicle model: L350S●Engine model: EF-VE●Year: H15/11-19/12●Notes: 2WD NA, A◇Please also check the manufacturer's website for compatibility details please. *Some products are made to order. Please be sure to inquire about delivery dates in advance. *Images are used for all car models. The product shape may differ depending on the car. This is a product that will be ordered from the manufacturer after you place your order. If the manufacturer has the item in stock, shipping is approximately 3 to 4 days on weekdays, but some items may be made to order and may take longer depending on the manufacturer's inventory status and specifications. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be aware of this before placing your order. If you are in a hurry, please check stock and delivery date before ordering.

Manufacturer: Espelir
Brand: Espelir
Model name: Super down suspension
Packing size: 42.3 x 27.7 x 15.4 cm; 6.91 kg
Product Model Number: ‎ESD-514
Certification: ‎Manufacturer Warranty
Product Weight: ‎6.91 Kilograms
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