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Special Parts Takekawa 05-05-0123 LED Indicator Lamp Meter, Universal DC12V

Special Parts Takekawa 05-05-0123 LED Indicator Lamp Meter, Universal DC12V

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Black meter panel/LED lamp general purpose DC12V

This product is an indicator lamp meter that can be used when manufacturing a custom vehicle, when the indicator lamp comes off at the same time when replacing the headlight or meter, or when removing the genuine indicator lamp. The black meter panel uses LED lamps for excellent visibility. Due to its slim body shape, there is flexibility in placement around the meter, allowing it to be used in a variety of custom vehicles. In addition, the meter body is equipped with M3 x P0.5 fixing screw holes, allowing you to fix the meter to your own stay. Furthermore, this product comes with a stay set for the steering wheel clamp, increasing its versatility so that it can be installed on a variety of vehicles. Compatible handlebar clamp: Φ22.2mm / Φ25.4mm Please do not install external H.I.D kits, LED headlights or fog lamps made by other companies at the same time. Some ballasts/inverters (voltage converters) emit high voltage noise that has an adverse effect on digital circuits, causing product failure or malfunction. Do not install a headlight ON/OFF switch and an aftermarket ignition device at the same time. Please do not use with AC12V power supply. Also, although it is stated that it is for DC12V cars, it is not compatible with all DC12V cars on sale. Depending on the vehicle model, the indicator lamp may not light up properly. Regarding the gasoline warning light, it cannot be used unless it is a model with a negative connection when the remaining fuel is low. It cannot be used for vehicles where the remaining fuel level display changes depending on the resistance value, or vehicles where the sensor such as MONKEY (FI) stops touching the gasoline and reacts.

Manufacturer: ‎Special Parts Takegawa
Brand: ‎Special Parts Takegawa
Model Name: ‎LED Indicator Lamp Meter
Packing Size: ‎17.5 x 11.3 x 4.7 cm; 210 g
Item model number: ‎05-05-0123
Certification: ‎None
Item weight: ‎210 g
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