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Special parts Takegawa power filter Z125PRO 03-01-0006

Special parts Takegawa power filter Z125PRO 03-01-0006

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Compatible models: Z125 PRO (BR125H-A02621~) A power filter that improves intake efficiency by replacing the normal air filter.

■Details By replacing it with a normal air filter, the intake efficiency will be improved, and even when installed on a normal engine, it will be possible to increase the output in the entire range from low rotation to high rotation. Since the stock air cleaner box is used as is, there are no problems with intake noise or rainy weather, and it can be used for street driving just like the stock model. Since it is a sponge element, it can be easily washed with water if it gets dirty. ■Settings when a power filter is installed When used with a normal engine, it is not necessary to install an injection controller at the same time.

Manufacturer: ‎Special Parts Takegawa
Brand: ‎Special Parts Takegawa (TAKEGAWA)
Model name: ‎03-01-0006
Package size: ‎19 x 17.8 x 3.8 cm; 60 g
Product model number: ‎03-01-0006
Product weight: ‎60 g
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