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Special parts Takegawa basic muffler Monkey 125 (JB02) 04-02-0293

Special parts Takegawa basic muffler Monkey 125 (JB02) 04-02-0293

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“BASIC” down muffler reminiscent of the custom style of past Monkeys Compatible models: Monkey 125 (JB02-1000001~) Exhaust pipe: Stainless steel ■Silencer: Aluminum (clear anodized) Government certified muffler ■Proximity exhaust noise: 85dB(A)

This is a down muffler that matches the normal style of Monkey 125 and is reminiscent of the custom style of past Monkeys. By installing it, Takegawa's unique silencer structure and exhaust pipe design can increase exhaust efficiency and improve output performance. The exhaust pipe is made of stainless steel, which has excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The surface of the silencer's aluminum outer pipe is machined and coated with corrosion-resistant clear alumite for a beautiful finish. The included aluminum silencer stay uses a rubber mount specification as a vibration countermeasure. Furthermore, it has been polished to enhance its dress-up effect. ■ R.Side Cover Kit (sold separately) Using the left side cover as a motif, the design has been stylishly designed to ensure space and clearance when riding. Therefore, you won't feel any discomfort when installing it, and you can use it like a genuine part. The side cover is made of ABS. ABS products are less likely to break than FRP or carbon products, and can be used as is without painting. There are three types in the lineup: black: 09-11-0190, carbon print: 09-11-0191, plated film: 09-11-0192, and the back side is all black. Precautions for use: Government certification is only applicable to vehicles in normal condition. When changing from a normal muffler to a down type muffler, the frame and wiring on the right side will be exposed, so we recommend installing the Takegawa R. side cover kit at the same time. By installing the side cover, you can compensate for the exposure of the frame and wiring.

Manufacturer: ‎Special Parts Takegawa
Brand: ‎Special Parts Takegawa (TAKEGAWA)
Model name: ‎04-02-0293
Package size: ‎110 x 30 x 23 cm; 5 kg
Product model number: ‎04-02-0293
Product weight: ‎5 Kilograms
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