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SP Takegawa S Stage Kit (88CC) T-C Monkey 01-05-5095

SP Takegawa S Stage Kit (88CC) T-C Monkey 01-05-5095

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This is a bore up kit that you can easily make to 88cc by yourself. This light bore up kit is popular for street driving, and allows you to experience engine performance that is different from the stock one. The set includes a bore-up piston, bore-up cylinder (aluminum iron sleeve), camshaft, and gaskets for the normal head. SP Takekawa's M5 thermosensor (07-04-0552) can be installed on the Φ52H cylinder to measure the cylinder temperature. The “sports camshaft” (conventional camshaft), which allows you to enjoy changes in output characteristics by attaching it to the normal cylinder head, has been designed to further increase output and is now a “super sports camshaft” for increased power!! Demonstrates output characteristics that far exceed the stock engine from the speed range to the maximum output!! The stock cylinder head makes it a powerful and very interesting engine that is easy to handle. *The conventional sports camshaft has been discontinued.

■Product name: SP Takegawa S stage bore up kit 88cc (C-TYPE H cylinder) ■Product number: 01-05-5095 ■Reference list price: 26,250 yen (25,000 yen excluding tax) ■Compatible models: ・12V Monkey Gorilla: Z50J -2000001~/AB27-1000001~1899999 ・Monkey BAJA:Z50J-1700001~ ・CRF50F:AE03-1400001~ ・XR50R:AE03-1000001~ ・Magna 50:AC13-1000010~ ・CD50:CD50-15000 01~ ・CL50:CD50 -4000001~ ・Benly50S:CD50-2200005~ ・12V DAX50:AB26-1000001~ ・JAZZ:AC09-1000030~ ■Note ・Cannot be installed on anything other than a normal head.・Please use high octane gasoline.

Manufacturer: ‎Special Parts Takegawa
Brand: ‎Special Parts Takegawa (TAKEGAWA)
Package size: ‎19 x 15 x 10.8 cm; 1.51 kg
Product model number: ‎01-05-5095
Product weight: ‎1.51 Kilograms
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