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siecle High Fra Canceller V Type (One-Touch Type) Mazda CX-5 S808HC-V14BR

siecle High Fra Canceller V Type (One-Touch Type) Mazda CX-5 S808HC-V14BR

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■S808HC is a high flasher prevention resistance kit when converting turn signals to LED. ■Compatible model: KE2#W 12.02~14.12

■Since the coupler is on, there is no need for troublesome wiring! ■When replacing the turn signals with LEDs, the high flasher phenomenon (high flasher) occurs in which the turn signal LEDs blink at high speed. This "High Frame Canceller V Type" prevents that high flame. ■By simply connecting one set of high-fraction canceller V type, high-fraction prevention for one vehicle is possible. ■There is no need to install them one by one at the LED blinker connection points like before. You will be surprised at how easy it is to take measures against high flash LED lights. ■Before purchasing, please check the vehicle model, engine model, drive system, year, grade, etc. with the vehicle inspection certificate and caution plate, etc., and be sure to check the manufacturer's website below for any errors. *Please note that the images may be samples. *For detailed product details →

Manufacturer: ‎siecle
Brand: ‎siecle
Model name: ‎S808HC-V14BR
Package size: ‎20 x 6.3 x 4.8 cm; 150 g
Product model number: ‎S808HC-V14BR
Bulb type: ‎LED
Product weight: ‎150 g
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