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Showa Jidosha Kogyo Brake Rotor Front Set of 2 Subaru Legacy B4 BL5 SDR6010

Showa Jidosha Kogyo Brake Rotor Front Set of 2 Subaru Legacy B4 BL5 SDR6010

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Condition: New

Set of 2 ventilated discs (left and right) Anti-rust treatment prevents rust from forming over a long period of time. OEM Equipment Part Number: 26300AG000, 26300AG001, 26300AG02A Country of Manufacture: Japan

[Compatible models] [Subaru] Legacy B4 BL5 H15.01~H18.04 EJ20 Legacy B4 BL5 H17.03~H20.04 EJ20 T~STI except Legacy B4 BL5 H20.03~H21.04 EJ20 Legacy B4 BL9 H20 except S402 .03~H21.04 EJ25 Legacy B4 excluding S402 BM9 H21.02~ EJ25 Legacy B4 BMG H24.02~ FA20 Legacy B4 BMM H24.02~ FB25 Legacy B4 BLE H15.01~H16.08 EZ30 17 inch Legacy B4 BLE H16 .09~H17.04 EZ30 17 inch Legacy B4 BLE H17.03~H20.04 EZ30 T~STI excluded・17 inch Legacy B4 BLE H20.03~H21.02 EZ30 S402 excluded・17 inch Legacy BP5 H15.01~H20 .04 EJ20 17-inch Legacy BP5 H17.03~H17.05 EJ20 Legacy excluding T-STI BP5 H20.03~H21.04 EJ20 Legacy excluding S402 BP9 H20.03~H21.04 EJ25 Legacy excluding S402 BPE H15.01~H17 .04 EZ30 17 inch Legacy BPE H17.03~H20.04 EZ30 Legacy excluding T-STI BPE H20.03~H21.04 EZ30 Legacy excluding S402 BR9 H21.02~H25.04 EJ25 17 inch Legacy BRG H24.02~ FA20 Legacy BRM H24.02~ FB25 17 inch Legacy Outback BPH H20.03~H21.05 EJ25 Legacy Outback BRF H21.02~ EZ36 Forester SJG H24.08~ FA20 17 inch Forester SJG H26.09~H27.10 FA20 TS excluded < br>

Manufacturer: G-Spirit Brand: G-Spirit Model name: SDR6010 Packing size: 32.99 x 32.99 x 11.99 cm; 22 kg
Item model number: ‎SDR6010
Original part number: ‎26300AG000, 26300AG001, 26300AG02A
Certification: ‎None
Item weight: ‎22 Kilograms
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