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RS-R Down suspension [DOWN] Suzuki Every Wagon TB DA62W 4WD S635W

RS-R Down suspension [DOWN] Suzuki Every Wagon TB DA62W 4WD S635W

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Condition: New

Compatible models: Every Wagon 4WD TB DA62W

■No.1 sales record■There is a reason why it is supported. ■Reason 1. Amount of product down.Using data and know-how accumulated over many years, we are able to reduce the amount of product down to the limit of vehicle inspection. ■It combines fearless and dynamic styling with the fun of sports driving. It is truly a suspension that you can "see with your eyes and feel with your body." ■Reason 2. Guaranteed stiffness: Introducing the same cutting-edge manufacturing technology as the Ti2000 suspension. Durability and resistance to wear and tear have been further improved. It comes with a 3 year/50,000 km warranty in case of damage. ■Reason 3. Price: In order to allow as many users as possible to experience the RS☆R suspension, we have further reduced the price. We have a wide range of products available, regardless of make or model. ■It is RS☆R's main product that improves driving performance by significantly lowering it to a level that meets safety standards and increasing the spring rate by 30~50%. Not only does it offer excellent straight-line stability and cornering performance, but its racy form further enhances the car's presence. Additionally, the amount of lowering has been set to make the most of the minivan/wagon form. It also suppresses roll during cornering and provides a sharp driving experience. ■Before purchasing, please check the vehicle model, engine model, drive system, year, and grade using the vehicle inspection certificate and caution plate, and be sure to check the manufacturer's website below for any errors. *The above compatible models (vehicle model, engine model, model year) may not be compatible due to model changes, so please be sure to check the manufacturer's website below. *Even if the vehicle model is the same, the applicable part number may change depending on early model, late model, grade, and drive type. *This product is a vehicle-specific product, so it will have the same shape as the genuine product, but please note that the posted image is a representative sample image, so the actual shape and color may differ. ◆Manufacturer homepage is ⇒ Caution (Disclaimer)>Please read -

Manufacturer: RS-R (RS-R)< br>Brand: RS-R
Model name: S635W
Packing size: 41 x 27 x 14.5 cm; 6.62 kg
Product model number: S635W
Certification: ‎Subject to manufacturer's warranty
Product weight: ‎6.62 Kilograms
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