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ROUGH&ROAD Square Zack & Sheet BK/WH Size: RR9412

ROUGH&ROAD Square Zack & Sheet BK/WH Size: RR9412

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Condition: New

Color: Black/White

The square shape allows you to store as much luggage as possible without wasting anything. Additionally, the luggage compartment can be accessed from two directions, making it very easy to load and unload luggage and organize. There is a pocket with a capacity of 3 liters in the top position when using the backpack, so you can easily store frequently used items. There is a urethane cushion pocket on the back of the main space (when using a backpack) that is perfect for storing a computer, making it suitable for a wide range of people from students to nomadic workers. If you set the parallel belt (standard equipment) for when using the seat back on your bike, you can instantly load it onto your bike with the 4 buckles, so you can use it on your back or on your bike depending on the situation, demonstrating high mobility. The radius will expand. Of course, a rain cover is also included as standard, so you don't have to worry about riding in rainy weather, and when using the seat bag, the shoulder belt can be stored at the bottom.

Manufacturer: ‎ROUGH&ROAD
Model name: ‎Square backpack & sheet
Product size: ‎52 x 34 x 31 cm; 3 kg
Product model number: RR9412
Product dimensions Depth x Width x Height: 52 x 34 x 31 cm
Color: Black/White
Capacity: 3 L
Certification: ‎Delivery note required
Product weight: ‎3 Kilograms
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