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ROUGH&ROAD Motorbike Handlebar Cover, Hot Hand Warmer, model: RR5927, blk

ROUGH&ROAD Motorbike Handlebar Cover, Hot Hand Warmer, model: RR5927, blk

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Product number: RR5927 Product name: HOT hand warmer COLOR: BLACK SIZE: FREE

Compatible with a wide range of vehicles, from off-road cars to naked cars, big scooters, and even super sports *1 Adopts a wide-open Velcro attachment port Hand warmers that are compatible with a wide range of uses, from off-road cars with hand guards to naked and big scooters *1. It offers outstanding operability when installed, and is available in a total of 7 colors. It is easy to coordinate with your car. A waterproof film is placed in the lining and a shirring is provided at the entrance, making it a simple waterproof design that prevents rainwater from entering. *1 It may not fit depending on the vehicle type and hand guard size. *If the product is attached, the parking lever of some big scooters may be difficult to use.*If the handle cover is attached to a grip with a thick outer diameter or a special shape, there may be operational problems. In that case, for your safety, please stop using the handle cover. Product number: RR5927 Product name: HOT hand warmer COLOR: BLACK, CARBON, CITY CAMO, KHAKI, NAVY CAMO, OLIVE, RED CAMO SIZE: FREE MATERIAL: Barrier cloth 600D, varistor nylon cloth, PVC, PVC taffeta, compressed urethane, chloroprene * Precautions for use When fixing the handle cover with a belt, be careful not to let the band get caught or caught in the brake lever. After installation, be sure to check before driving to make sure that there is no problem with the operation of switches, mirrors, turn signal lamps, throttle, brake, clutch levers, etc., and that forced installation will not affect the return of the throttle, brake, clutch levers, etc. Please. This product is manufactured to protect against cold and wind.Due to the nature of the product, the actions such as gripping and releasing the handlebars and levers will be different from before installation, so please be careful when operating the product and drive safely. This product is for cold and wind protection, so please refrain from using it in the rain. Water may enter. If it gets wet in the rain, please dry it in the shade. (Compliant with PL Law) Make sure to install the left and right sides correctly. This will interfere with steering wheel operation. Please stop using the product if it is torn or damaged due to frequent use or falls, and if it interferes with driving operation. Please do not use in extremely cold regions that may cause material deterioration. Please check that there are no defects before operation, and if there is a problem, please stop using it immediately. Precautions for use ●Product specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement. ●The color of the image and the actual product may differ slightly due to photography.

Manufacturer: ROUGH&ROAD Brand: ROUGH&ROAD Model name: RR5927 Packing size: 33 x 30 x 7 cm; 800 g
Item model number: RR5927BK
Discontinued by the manufacturer: ‎No
Color: ‎Black
Certification: ‎Delivery note required
Item weight: ‎800 g
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