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RK EXCEL RK (RK) Brake Pad FINE ALLOY55-Fine Alloy 55-For Street Swish Front 930FA5

RK EXCEL RK (RK) Brake Pad FINE ALLOY55-Fine Alloy 55-For Street Swish Front 930FA5

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Condition: New

Semi-metal pad containing 55% metal ingredients Stable performance in all weathers Included products: Product itself A cost-effective model that combines performance and cost for city riding SWISH ('18-'20), SWISH Limited (' 19-'20) *For front

RK BRAKE PAD SERIES FINE ALLOY 55 - Fine Alloy 55 - Faithful to lever input, the effect builds up extremely smoothly, and the effect builds up most powerfully at the exquisite timing when the front suspension sinks and the tire contact pressure increases. The RK brake pad series has been praised by riders for its excellent effectiveness and braking force control performance. Fine Alloy 55 is a cost performance model for those who mainly ride around town. [Product Features] ● Semi-metal pad containing 55% metal ingredients ● Features controllability that goes beyond the level of semi-metal, and has steadily gained support since its release ● Stable performance in all weather conditions ● Sufficient performance for city riding It is a cost performance model that keeps the price low while ensuring the same. [Compatible models]《Suzuki》 SWISH ('18-'20), SWISH Limited ('19-'20) *For front

Manufacturer: ‎RK
Brand: ‎RK Excel /RK EXCEL
Model name: ‎FINE ALLOY55
Packing size: ‎17 x 9.1 x 2.8 cm; 170 g
Product model number: ‎930FA5
Position: ‎Front
Certification: ‎ Brake pads are consumables and important safety parts. As a guideline for replacing the pads, please replace them as soon as there is approximately 2mm of friction material remaining. If you continue to use the brakes in this condition, the brakes may become less effective and may lead to a serious accident. Please read your motorcycle's instruction manual thoroughly and check compatibility with your vehicle/caliper before use. For installation and handling of brake pads, please consult your dealer's mechanic.
Product weight: ‎170 g
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