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RIDEA Oil Filler Cap M30×1.5 Red KAWASAKI OFC-06-RD

RIDEA Oil Filler Cap M30×1.5 Red KAWASAKI OFC-06-RD

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Condition: New

Red NINJA250R 2008-2012 NINJA250 2013- Z250 2013-2014 ZZR250 1990-2007 EX-4 1994-1995 FX400R 1986-1990 GPZ400S 1989-1990 GPZ400R 1989 ZEP HYRΧ 1996-2008 ZXR400 R 1989-1999 ZZR400 1990-2006 ZX- 6R 2000-2015 ZX-6RR 2003-2005 Z750 2004-2010 Z750S 2005-2007 ZR-7 1999-2001 ZR-7S 2002-2005 GPZ900R 1991-2003 ZX-9R 1998-2003 GPZ1100 1995-1999 Z1000 2003-2009 ZX- 10R 2004-2015 ZRX1100 II 1997-2000 ZZR1100 1999-2001 ZRX1200R S DAEG 2001-2015 ZX-12R 2000-2006 ZZR1200 2002-2005 ZZR1400 2006-2011 ZX-14 R 2012-2015 1400GTR 2008-2015

★Color: Red★Compatible models: KAWASAKIKAWASAKI NINJA250R 2008-2012KAWASAKI NINJA250 2013-KAWASAKI Z250 2013-2014KAWASAKI ZZR250 1990-2007KAWASAKI EX-4 1994-1995KAWASAKI FX400R 1986- 1990KAWASAKI GPZ400S 1989-1990KAWASAKI GPZ400R 1989KAWASAKI ZEPHYRΧ 1996-2008KAWASAKI ZXR400/R 1989- 1999KAWASAKI ZZR400 1990-2006KAWASAKI ZX-6R 2000-2015KAWASAKI ZX-6RR 2003-2005KAWASAKI Z750 2004-2010KAWASAKI Z750S 2005-2007KAWASAKI ZR-7 1999-2001KAWASAKI ZR -7S 2002-2005KAWASAKI GPZ900R 1991-2003KAWASAKI ZX-9R 1998-2003KAWASAKI GPZ1100 1995- 1999KAWASAKI Z1000 2003-2009KAWASAKI ZX-10R 2004-2015KAWASAKI ZRX1100/II 1997-2000KAWASAKI ZZR1100 1999-2001KAWASAKI ZRX1200R/S/DAEG 2001-2015KAWASAKI ZX-12R 2000-2006KAWASAKI ZZR1200 2002-2005KAWASAKI ZZR1400 2006-2011KAWASAKI ZX-14R 2012-2015KAWASAKI 1400GTR 2008-2015★: ●Made of high-strength aluminum alloy material (A6061-T6 treated), the precision-machined body is anodized to achieve a luxurious feel and high precision. ●Drilled holes for wire lock. ●Stainless steel wiring plate (for M6) included. *Wire not included. *O-ring not included. (Please use the genuine O-ring.) ★Note: ●Vehicles with an oil level gauge on the genuine oil filler cap will not have an oil level gauge. ●The color of the image and the actual color may look slightly different due to the monitor environment and other reasons. ●Note: The installation photo is for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the product color. ●The price and specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.

Manufacturer: ‎RIDEA
Brand: ‎Ridea
Model name: ‎OFC-06-RD
Packing size: ‎12 x 5 x 2.2 cm; 80 g
Product model number: ‎OFC-06-RD
Color: ‎Red
Product weight: ‎80 g
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