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Riaraizu (Realize) 4 Strap Muffler Rekuresu [Honda today (AF61] 306 - 007

Riaraizu (Realize) 4 Strap Muffler Rekuresu [Honda today (AF61] 306 - 007

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Material: All stainless steel Size: 110φ Total length of silencer part approximately 300mm *The image shows the installation image of a representative model of the same series. *Reference prices include shipping. HONDA Today (AF61) Specifications: Full exhaust (silencer and exhaust pipe both polished) Volume: Approximately 84db or less when baffle is installed (removable) Sound quality: Deep bass

This muffler uses a slash-cut pipe at the silencer end, which is a classic silhouette for big scooter mufflers. A very thick 110φ silencer is used, and the exhaust pipe is also polished. It is also possible to remove the baffle. All stainless steel

Manufacturer: ‎Realize
Brand: ‎Realize
Model name: 306-007
Packing size: 56.6 x 31.2 x 21 cm; 1 kg
br>Item model number: ‎306-007
Item weight: ‎1 Kilograms
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